A Little Water

   When I was very young, my Native American friend Walter told me to watch nature, that everything important that we are supposed to learn, is hidden there. I believed him, nature is as God designed it. It may seem silly, but truly, you can learn from the simplest of things if you take the opportunity to stop and notice.

One night, I was sitting by the window, looking out at the drizzling rain, coating the grass and trees outside. The street light shone through the water droplets on the window. I watched two rain drops that looked about the same size in the beginning. Then suddenly both of the drops started making their way slowly down the window. One of the drops came into contact with other drops, some big, some small, and as it went it gathered them in and picked up speed, creating a wet path on the way down the window pane. The other drop was very slow and many times stopped and didn’t seem like it would move at all. Pretty soon the one that had gathered more water was long gone and had earned its place in the puddle at the bottom of the window, all while the other drop sat waiting, and finally, was not moving at all.

The lesson of the water drops is simple: we are, all of us, put here on earth to help one another. When we join together with people that are like minded and going the same direction, we are better equipped to reach our goals and destination. Even obstacles are easier to get around when you don’t have to go it alone.

Alone we will start and stop, second guess and question, and finally stall out, if nothing else, from being weary and alone. We are here to help each other. We are here to grow and continue on this journey together. Take time for your friends and family, after all, moments are all we have, and they are better spent together.

Cherry Coley  (c)

4 thoughts on “A Little Water

  1. What a great analogy. We take our sustenance from the land, therefore, we are made up of the land. If we can understand its wonder, we can unlock the benefits in ourselves. A beautiful reminder for those of us who have been lost..

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