This Journey is Not Easy

Love is not just seeing a person as they are and accepting them, 

Photo by Cherry Coley

Love is seeing the potential of what they can be.

 How many times have we seen celebrities in the news? The reporters frantically reporting their success and splashing their faces and lives across front pages and television screens over and over. Their names become household words, the kids start wanting to dress like them, suddenly there are perfumes, posters, haircuts, diets and clothing named after them. Then…they show us they are human and screw up.

Down they fall from the pedestal that we put them on. There is no forgiveness, only mockery and finger pointing. How dare they be a bad role model!! How dare they make bad choices that lead to bad press!  How dare they not live up to the image that has been imposed on them!

 Never confuse talent and what someone does for who they are. This can be, and often is, two completely different things.

Now stop and think of the people in your everyday life.  I always try to accept people as they are. I stand in judgment of no one, for who am I to judge? I too am human and I have made some fabulous crash and burn mistakes along the way. Yet, accepting someone for who they are is only part of loving a person. To love is to see who they could be. To encourage and embrace the person they are becoming along the way, to walk along side that person on their journey of self discovery. To cheer when you can and cry with them when needed, and forgive the mistakes we each make as needed.

 Life really is a journey, but it’s not an easy one and it was never a road meant to be traveled alone. Remember those that are walking with you, the people you love, that are in your every day life. When the road is hard, we lean on each other…’s what we’re here for.

Thank you for walking with me.