I’m Not Lost, I LIKE the Scenic Route

Photo by Casey Keal

At some point in life you will come to a cross roads.  There you will pause for a moment contemplating which direction to take.  I have found myself at far more cross roads in the last few years while in the process of discovering myself and rebuilding after a divorce, than I ever would have existed.  I have learned some really hard lessons about credit, managing money, ways to save on groceries, so-called friends, untrustworthy co-workers, working with the IRS, how to balance work and home life, and how quickly that balance can be upset by the smallest of things.  I’ve learned that when you are a single parent wants and needs are two different things and only one can take priority.  I’ve learned to say “no” with a straight face, even when I really wanted to say “yes.”

I’ve learned that I can be my own worst enemy and seem to be really good at it.  I definitely do not need help in the negative, nagging, inner voice department as it seems to be programmed in and set to play at the most inconvenient times.  Usually the moment I have decided to try something new, or step out of my comfort zone.  I hear the words, “What do you think you’re doing?” or “You can’t do that!” 

I’ve also learned that the more persistent and negative that voice is, the harder I need to push and work to silence and overcome it.  I respect crossroads.  Sometimes I sit and contemplate them for days, weeks even.  Sometimes I decide that neither path suits me and I take the scenic route, cutting my path.  After all, life is a journey, and each path leads to a different experience and a new perspective.

by Cherry Coley  (c)



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