What If Life Were Like A Cartoon?


I’ve often thought how much fun it would be if life were like a cartoon.  Just think of it!  You could flush yourself down the toilet or jump off a bridge and be flattened when things got too dramatic, then stick your thumb in your mouth and re-inflate.

 You could do all manner of evil to the annoying people in your life much like on some of the classic cartoon and there would be no real harm done. 

 By finding a pencil lying around, you could give yourself super powers, complete with a cape and matching outfit, not to mention making yourself look any way you wanted.  If you wanted to lose weight you could simply draw yourself thinner, or younger, or older, as it suited you.  It would be great wouldn’t it?  Yes, for a while it would be a lot of fun. 

 Then what?  Do cartoons really feel anything?  “Of course not,” you say, “they are just actors behind drawings!” 

 True, but even if cartoons were real would they really FEEL anything?  How could they?  If they did they wouldn’t be jumping off that bridge or going down the toilet, and most likely they wouldn’t be throwing anvils, or spears and rocks.  No, if they could actually feel then they would become limited like we are because no one wants to feel real pain. 

 Cartoons are simply a simulation of life and imagination, stretched and given no real limits to give the illusion of complete freedom to do whatever we want without consequences.  While animation creates great wonders, visual effects, and terrific entertainment, it is a good thing that life doesn’t work that way.  It doesn’t take a lot to see that humanity, left to its own vices would be utter chaos without any consequences or limits. 

 As for me, I might jump out of an airplane, but not without a parachute.   I might swim in the ocean, but not without the proper equipment and a boat nearby.  I might pull some pranks on some people, but nothing that would harm another.  I love the fact that we are put here on this planet to enjoy it, have fun, laugh at each other along the way, and feel all the wonderful emotions that only come with truly living.  Our struggles make us stronger, our sadness shows us empathy and sympathy, our setbacks and failures keep us humble, and our ability to forgive makes us human.  Life is a spectacular gift!!  So don’t waste too much of it sitting around watching animation, I love it too, but there are so many other things to experience, so let’s get going!

 Cherry Coley ©