Never Give Up On What Matters!!

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
Ayn Rand

 Problems are not stop signs, they are detours. Obstacles are not put in our path to discourage us, they are there to challenge us and sometimes to teach us to seek help and make new friends.  

I have heard that all creativity comes from a giant pool of thought and that those that are so inclined are linked in to that pool, using its resources as they need them.  When I first heard that notion I thought it was weird and didn’t really give it much thought.  Then I wrote some stories and drew up some ideas for inventions only to later find them already done by someone else in a slightly different way, but basically the same.   So the thought that all creativity comes from the same place may not be so far-fetched as it first seemed, after all we are all human and though we come from different backgrounds and live in different environments, we are all capable of coming up with some of the same conclusions if we are of that like mind.

 I confess there have been times when my imagination has gotten me in trouble.  Often in grade school classes, my mind would wander and I would find myself doodling a masterpiece, writing a poem or short story, or writing my friend a seven or eight page note complete with illustrations.  I’ve been laughed at for my odd point of view on some things, and learned to stay quiet and listen to the different personalities present before offering comments as a result.  As I get older I don’t seem as affected by others snide remarks, or small-minded jabs at me as I once was.  I suppose we get more secure in our beliefs and reasoning as we get older, or maybe we grow a thicker skin and ability to repel the negative remarks.

 I tell my children creativity is the greatest gift we have and combined with an analytical mind with a good dose of common sense, there is no dream you can’t reach if you have the self-discipline, the determination and the belief that you can make it happen.

 Never never-never give up on something that matters to you.

 Cherry Coley ©

The Sunshine Award :)


I have been nominated by  for the Sunshine Award. Awww! Thank you! I love her blog, it has a little bit of all kinds of things and she encourages me and makes me smile!! 

The award has some guidelines to be followed.

1. Include the logo in a post on your blog.

2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.

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10 questions for the Sunshine Award

  1. Favorite Color: Black. I love black, it goes with everything!!
  2. Favorite Animal: I have a special love for wolves.  I used to have a couple of malamutes and would love to get another one.
  3. Favorite Number: 25
  4. Favorite Drink: raspberry lemonade – just because I want to be different.
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, though I don’t like the new format.  Twitter is okay and I’m beginning to like it better.
  6. Your Passion: Art and writing of any kind
  7. Favorite Pattern: I don’t know….something that flows and is interesting. lol
  8. Giving or Receiving Gifts: Giving for sure!! I love to make gifts or find something I know someone will love then watch their face light up when they open it.
  9. Favorite Day: Saturdays
  10. Favorite Flower: I love flowers, in a garden and out in the sunshine.  I like the one’s you can stick in the ground, wish them luck then watch them come back again the next season.  ha.  Other than that I guess if I get real flowers I like carnations and roses for their fragrance and colors.

The following talented bloggers have given me non-stop encouragement and sunshine and I enjoy reading and checking out their pages:

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Sunsets and Inspiration

Don’t look back on happier days or dream of how happy you will be in the future.  The only thing we have is the present; don’t cheat yourself out of the moments in front of you today.

Isn’t it interesting that so often what is reported are current events full of war, trials, and just bad news in general.  In order to find the “happy” vibes we tend to turn to fiction, motivational or inspirational speakers. 

 Yet there are so many good things happening every day, it’s just that sometimes we get so busy that we miss them, or forget to pause long enough to really take notice of what is happening.  I have been guilty of this myself at times, then realize it and make myself slow down and get my life back in balance.

Take a moment to pause, breathe, listen to what is going on around you, get outside and enjoy the sunshine, watch the sunset if you get the chance.  Each sunset is different from the one before it, when was the last time you sat and just watched the sky change those beautiful colors at the end of the day?

It’s God’s gift, the dawn and the sunset, one is a promise of coming light, and the other is a promise of silence and rest. 

 Cherry Coley (c)

Versatile Blogger Award

I am so excited and humbled that my fellow blogger (whose posts I love to read)   nominated me for an award!  I apologize for taking a bit longer to post this one.  Moving put a bit of a kink in my schedule. 

The purpose of blogger awards is to share love. Please visit these amazing award-winning blogs and share love, a comment, a like and maybe even subscribe. If you are nominated for these awards, don’t forget to share the joy by nominating others.

The rules for this award require that I reveal 7 things about myself, so that is a great place to start.

  1. I have two daughters Casey and Lindsey that keep me on my toes, make me smile, and often laugh at me too.  My daughters mean the world to me.
  2. Writing has always been my first love.  I was writing plays long before I could actually hold a crayon or pencil.  I performed my first puppet show when I was 4 years old for my Sunday school class.  Not saying that the writing was always spectacular, but it’s something I’ve loved to do for as long as I can remember.
  3. I am also an artist, though I have not really pursued that interest for a while personally.  It is something I do plan to get back into this year.  I love to paint, draw and create artwork. 
  4. I was in theatre in middle school and it terrified me.  I got terrible stage fright and couldn’t make my voice work.  After I had kids I somehow lost the stage fright and have no trouble speaking to crowds.  Weird, huh?
  5. I love studying religions, beliefs, cultures, history and physics.  One of my favorite past times is expanding my horizons.  I am a firm believe in God, and a Reiki Master too.
  6. I have been an avid ghost hunter and researcher of the weird, the unusual and paranormal long before it was a popular thing to do.  By the age of ten I had published my first short story – horror fiction
  7. It has actually been challenging for me to write inspirational, as I have a natural lean to the dark side of things, but I have learned to balance the two and enjoy inspirational writing and reading very much now, though I still love to read Dean Koontz and Stephen King.

Versatile Blogger

Thank you for this wonderful award. Readers please visit and subscribe to this awesome blog. This blog is designed to be informational and uplifting.  I love hearing her point of view and enjoy the opportunity to share.

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Organization and Other Dirty Words

Organization: when I was little I was convinced that was a dirty word. Every time I got in trouble I heard my mom say, “Cherry, go organize your room!” Might as well have sentenced me to prison or solitary confinement as tell me to go and organize my room.

Then I read recently that people are not born natural organizers. OH THANK GOD!! Seriously? I feel so much better now!! I thought I was missing a gene, some link to normal functionality along the way because I could sit in my room for hours and hours and nothing would get organized. I would start to put one thing away and something else would distract me and pretty soon I forgot what I was doing and was just playing with the things that caught my attention, or drawing (because I found a pencil and paper), or writing because I found a tablet with notebook paper. It was a futile effort, but my mom seemed to never get tired of demanding it of me.

Here’s a clue for all those shaking their head currently, creativity and organization DO NOT always go hand in hand. In fact I doubt they are in the same building for many years until someone introduces the two. Now that being said, isn’t it magnificent that God in His infinite wisdom decided there HAD to be some people blessed with organization skills on this earth to keep track of and help out the rest of us?

I am so very thankful for the books that teach such skills, the people that step in and say, “um, you know you could get a lot more done if you’d do it this way” or “you’d have more time to devote to those things you love if you would get more organized.”

Good point! So then it comes down to how to start clearing the clutter and getting organized:

1. Start with setting a goal to simplify your life. By simplifying your life you will have more time to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies and activities you enjoy.

2. If you have a family, then get the whole family involved and add some incentives along the way for all of you.

For example: a. Decide to sort and organize a closet or bookshelf and make a game of it with another family member or roommate. One can hold up an item and say “Stay or Go?”               

                        b. Have some boxes handy for “Donate, Toss or Sell, and Keep.” Working on it together will make it more fun and quick.

                        c. Once the sorting is done, don’t put it aside, go ahead and toss, donate or sell the items. Then enjoy your incentive – go to a movie, an event, or do something fun to keep the motivation going.

3. Keep things that are useful, serve a purpose, add beauty, or help simplify your life in some way.

4. Figure out what makes you feel good about getting rid of things that no long fit one of those categories.

If you can’t stand the idea of adding to the landfills, then find a charity to donate your items that are no longer needed, or wanted.

Here are a few suggestions: – Souls Harbor works with men and families who have been home homeless, or are fighting and recovering from addictions. – The Red Cross is a well-known organization that helps families in crisis and will take everything from food items, toys, to clothing, blankets, and household items.  –  – The Salvation Army – also widely known for helping families in need, they operate thrift stores and offer various programs throughout the year. – Genesis is a women’s shelter for battered women and their families in Dallas, Texas. They accept donations and have a thrift store that will take donations of gently used items including housewares, clothing, furniture, toys, and accessories.

If you don’t live in Texas just check for Women’s shelters in your area. These are just a few general donation sites, but truly there are tons of places to donate for just about any kind of charity you can think of if you just do a little research.

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 Have fun simplifying your life and creating more time to do the things that matter.

Cherry Coley (c)

Things I Wouldn’t Tell My Mom

It’s funny the things you remember right out of the blue.  There are some things I would never have told my mom, though technically, I should have apologized because she was right.  I just refused to tell her because there are some things that she just didn’t need to know.

 I remember when I was fifteen back in high school my mom was determined to take me bra and underwear shopping.  Oh joy.  Off we would go to Montgomery Wards or Foley’s and she would put me through all manner of humiliation by holding up different items and comparing them on me.  I wanted to crawl into a hole.  Why on earth mom’s would put their daughters through this I don’t know.  I mean, isn’t that what dressing rooms are for? 

 Then to my surprise I found something new!  I found a front clasp bra.  I remember begging mom to let me get it. 

 “That thing would be a pain,” she said, “I bet it would always pop open on you, look at that clasp!”  She wrinkled her nose, “you wear that thing one day and you’ll be ready to throw it in the trash!”

 Alas, I was bound and determined to prove her wrong and bought it myself.  I got up the next morning and wore my brand new, front clasp bra, to high school.  It was great!  That is until the clasp came undone as I was carrying my books from one class to another.  Great.  I remember quickly sidestepping into the girl’s bathroom to correct the issue.  Then off to class again, a little bit late. 

 Unfortunately, I was working at the bookstore that night and was going to have to leave school to go directly there.  Wouldn’t you know the stupid bra would decide to come undone as I was up on the ladder putting books up in the storage bins above the shelves? Yikes!  I went to the backroom as quickly as possible holding books in front of me.  Okay, just a few more hours to go and I’d be home free.  Fortunately, it didn’t come undone again while I was working the register or sweeping the floor.  I was thankful, maybe the stupid thing just had to be snapped the right way.

 You’re thinking that’s the end of this story aren’t you?  No, of course it’s not. 

 The grand moment was just as I was about to close the store for the night and I bent down to lock the doors on the bottom, and SNAP, the bra came undone again.  It was just me and my friend Becky there, thank God, but by that time I was exasperated with the whole thing.  I stood up and turned around and she both pointed and burst out laughing, “OH MY GOD!” she yelled, “You have four boobs!!”  Of course she yelled loud enough so that passersby heard and tried to look in the door.

Yes, the stupid bra had come undone and was hiding by my arms.  Lovely. 

 Thank God they have improved on this article of clothing since then, otherwise I’m convinced there would have been a huge bonfire of front clasp bra’s at some point. 

 Cherry Coley © 

“Hunger Games” – Just My Take

I took some time off from all the moving, painting chaos on Friday night and went to see “Hunger Games” with Lindsey.  So, I thought I would do a brief review. 

 First, I will say that the movie is visually amazing.  We did not go see the 3D version, but I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing it in 3D.  The concept while, I admit, is a bit disturbing to have children ages 12-18 years, picked two from each of the twelve districts to compete and fight to the death until there is one lone survivor, is not so far-fetched.

 I think the author did an excellent job of reminding us of our humanity and that if we are not careful it can quickly become sadistic and mean all in course of what is considered good entertainment.  In fact, we as humans have run down these trails before.  I thought of this all day on Saturday parts and pieces of that movie and storyline haunted me.

 Think of the first Olympics – created first to honor the 12 Olympian Gods, combining tests of mind, body, spirit and the victors being treated like heroes with a crown of olive branches placed on their heads.  Those Olympic games all but went away when Rome conquered Greece and Roman Emperor Theodosius banned them in 393 AD saying they were pagan cults.

 With the Romans came the Gladiators entertaining audiences in bloody battles against other Gladiators, wild animals, condemned criminals and finally Christians.    These games were celebrated in high and low art forms and were considered great entertainment in their day.  It was a way to entertain the masses and to enforce governmental control as if you were convicted you could wind up in the arena.

 Then you had Germany who tried to instill the Aryan Games as a replacement for the Olympics.  Hitler had decided that once Germany conquered the world, they would have no choice but to send their athletes to Deutsch’s Stadion which was to hold 400,000 spectators. 

 All this aside, as disturbing as Hunger Games is in its story line with children fighting elements and each other, and a government taking wagers on who would survive, taking steps to control the game by adding fires and tweaking the elements to make it more interesting, or bring different contestants together, and above all keep the peace by using fear to control the different districts, it still serves as a fictionalized reminder of how close we’ve come to this very thing in the past and may perhaps prevent us traveling down this road in reality in the future.

Cherry Coley ©