Pleasant Memories and Ghostly Echoes

photo by Cherry Coley

It’s funny the things you think about late in the night.  Last night as I lay in bed half asleep, I was listening to my mom make all kinds of noise in the kitchen.  She was griping at the cat to get out of the way, banging pots and pans and occasionally said, “oh me,” as she picked something up.  I was just lying there listening to her, not cringing as I had done before, but just holding my eyes closed and listening intently. 

I heard her call to dad that dinner was ready and that he needed to get up and come to the table.  I heard her yell at the cat when she stepped on his tail and make him meow in a loud screech.  I heard the chairs being pulled out from the table as they sat down and my dad say, “Cherry, you comin’?”

 I heard my dad as he started reading the headlines of the paper out loud and mom asking him questions about what he read.  I could smell the stew she had fixed and hear the clink clink of silverware on the bowls as they ate, the sound of ice moving in glasses of water as they picked them up, and the soft thunk as they put them down on the table again. 

 I could hear my mom get on to my dad for sneaking a piece of something to the cat waiting for tasty tidbits at his feet. 

 Finally, my brain registered that I was just listening to memories and the sounds faded away into the fog of my wounded mind. 

 I had you guys, just for a moment, I had you there again and could hear your voices so clearly.  For just a moment I was back there, not long ago, listening to the sounds of family sounds that I will not hear the same way again in this lifetime.  I miss you both so much.

Remember that the sounds that might annoy you, or you just take for granted today, may be the very sounds that you would give anything in this world to hear one more time someday.  Don’t take anyone or anything for granted.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Love the people in your life today.

 Cherry Coley ©

8 thoughts on “Pleasant Memories and Ghostly Echoes

  1. I simply love your post dear Cherry. I have lived this myself. I would give anything to hear my dad again laughing, instead of living just with a memory… The same with all loved ones that we lost on the way….
    Keep writing and feeling, you are awesome!!!!!! ❤

      • Yes. I have been there and I still am there. I will sincerely never get over the loss of my dad.
        But the beautiful thing is that I feel he knows how much I miss him and love him. Your parents know and feel it too, there in Heaven. 🙂

      • It happened in 1989 but it’s still like today.
        We love our parents so much that we will always stay interconnected to their souls, no matter where they are or what we do.
        And I strongly believe we will meet again. That makes it all easier.
        No, thank YOU.
        I really believe in faith and humility and all that you wrote is so true, you captured in your words so many feelings I have experienced also. The more I search into your blog the more memories you awaken in me… 🙂

      • Thank you. It’s a journey, that’s for sure.
        I believe we will see each other again also, until then I often meditate and remember the things they taught me and shared along the way, then try to write it down so I can pass it along to my daughters.

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