A Time For Change

Surprise, I’ve decided to “re-do me” again!

Well, okay, anyone that knows me personally knows that I am an ever-changing person, sometimes to the point that I can be hard to keep up with or even understand.  I have a million (or so) interests, hobbies, past times, and LOVE research.  Yes, to the point of being a geek at times, I love to find interesting tidbits of information and have been known to take weeks, months, years to follow all the trails of information back to the origin of where whatever it is came from. 

 I have tried at times in my life to be normal and fit into the mold of every day existence and, to be honest, I just don’t fit into molds all that well.  I have driven many philosophical friends to the brink of wanting to choke me because about the time they think they have me all figured out, I change directions.  Sorry about that.  When I am truly happy, the only real constant thing in my life, is change. 

 Funny isn’t it?  I am told constantly how most people don’t like change, either by their actions or words. They like things to be a certain way, and happen in a certain order and all line up within a certain range of actions that unfold perfectly to become this big picture that they had in mind.  I have a lot of friends this way and love and appreciated each and every single one of them! 

 I look back and wonder where this part of me came from.  I can’t say that this was an inherited thing; my parents lived in the same house since 1953 when it was built.  My other family has been in the same places for ten years or more.  Yet I have moved five times since 2006, and am about to move again.  This happened for various reasons, but still, it’s something that doesn’t really bother me that much.  It’s odd considering how I am a person that loves history and putting down roots.  I adore looking at old houses, buildings, churches and have a strong desire to see the cathedrals of the world simply for the architectural beauty. 

 I am a “go with the flow” person through and through.  I simply jump into the current of things that cross my path and take great joy in finding out what is being offered and where the path leads.  Much to the dismay, and sometimes fear of my parents, it’s just something I have always done.  I have many friends in many different religions, beliefs, cultures, and jobs because of it.  I enjoy having a great Bible discussion and studying the gospels as much as I enjoy learning new meditation techniques, Reiki, and Zen beliefs.  It doesn’t confuse me in the least as I already know what I believe and why. 

 I love studying psychology, philosophy and physics too.  The human mind is an amazing, adaptable thing capable of anything.  I am so thankful to be here in this wonderful age of information where you can find so much knowledge available at your fingertips!  It’s a great world we live in full of endless possibilities!  What a privilege to be a lifetime learner right now! 

 As for me, I’m moving again, and will be adjusting to a brand new environment filled with new possibilities.  Yes, I know it’s just a new residence, but then I’ve also found some new groups to go check out and people to talk too.  There are new adventures on the horizon!

 Cherry Coley ©


12 thoughts on “A Time For Change

    • You are not alone. I don’t think I was a fan to start with either, but somehow change, major change has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Now it’s just become part of life and I just go with it. Thank you for your comments!!

  1. Hey.
    I totally agree with everything you have said here.
    If you’re looking for a psychologist who agrees with you, look up Carol Tuttle Energy Profiling. It’s really cool. I’m a 1. But yeah, have a look at it. It might be interesting.

  2. ‘the only real constant thing in my life, is change.’ — Actually, the only constant in the material UNIVERSE is change, oh courageous one. And very deep, fundamental change is upon us. Unfortunately, all your friends and family who don’t ‘like’ change shall be having a VERY difficult time for the rest of this chaotic year. Those of us who embrace change — as it is needed so desperately right now — will be needed to help others along the path to joy and freedom (if they choose that, of course) . . . . .

  3. ‘There are new adventures on the horizon!’ Indeed there ARE, even more amazing than you possibly have ever imagined! Your attitude is perfect, fantastic, refreshing. Keep it up, and keep the faith!

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