Humility Often Overlooked and Greatly Needed

Humility – defined as the quality of being modest and respectful.  It is considered one of the virtues in many religions including Christianity

True humility is knowing that you are no more significant than anyone else.  We all have a purpose in this life and though some people are in the spotlight more, and seem to play a more important role, the truth is every person is important.  We all contribute to our own environment, circumstances, and affect the people in our lives.  In short, what you do matters whether you think it does or not.

Humility is not the same as being meek or timid, though it is often confused with those characteristics.  Humility is in and of its self a strong character trait.  Humility is about maintaining a healthy level of pride about who we are as individuals, about our achievements, about our own self-worth, but without false pride or arrogance.  It is the quiet confidence that allows us to discover the layers that make up our beings, to find and develop our talents without feeling the need to boast.  Humility is the open mind that realizes there is still more to learn, still more to experience, still more to discover along this journey.

Humility is knowing we are all only human, and accepting that it’s all well and good.

Cherry Coley ©