Bleary Eyed and Droopy Tailed

Some perky person told me I should be bright eyed and bushy-tailed today.  Thursday night I stayed up until 1 a.m. again getting furniture ready to move Friday, taking apart beds and putting everything in one room so it will go fairly quickly.  I don’t feel bright eyed today.  Friday, like today I am a bit  bleary eyed and droopy tailed because some of that furniture is heavy. Heck, even the dog is tired!

 The move is actually, sort of, kind of, going smooth.  We don’t actually have to be out of the house we were in until the 31st of March, but I wanted to get out a few days early so we could go back and mop, steam the floors and carpet.  I like to leave things as neat as when we moved in at least, though the paint job is better than when we moved in.  That house was an experience in painting.  One bedroom was half pink and half blue.  One bathroom was swirly turquoise, and the kitchen was half turquoise and half green.  It was a paint nightmare and we had to get lots of primer to cover the blue and pink room because that paint just did not want to be covered up.  We worked with it and finally got it to look okay.  We didn’t paint that whole house like we are the one we are moving in to now.  We knew going in there that we might have to move after just a year so we left the hall way and living room white. 

 I can’t wait to be in the new neighborhood, the square block has a big incline, loop then comes back down to our street.  I will be doing laps every day as soon as I get home.  I can’t wait to get back into running!  I love exercising, but I am an outdoor person.  I love walking and running, but don’t care for it on a treadmill.  In fact, I gave my treadmill to my brother years ago because I just didn’t use it. 

 I might wear little Comet out trotting up and down the blocks, maybe I should get a doggy backpack for when he gets tired.  He’s a little trooper, but he is short and those little legs can only go so fast.  He is a funny little tyke and I know he will make new friends in the neighborhood, but he’s going to miss his squirrel friend that likes to taunt him in the backyard now, leaping from tree to tree while Comet runs around in circles on the ground barking up into the air.  One thing about dogs, they are always happy to see you, even if you just left seconds ago, they forgive easily and love freely.  Cats are another matter completely, a cat can hold a grudge and give you a look that needs no wordy explanation if they are mad at you; with a cat forgiveness is earned. 

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Kreativ Blogger Award

My fellow blogger Ela nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I am so humbled and thankful!  Wow! 

Here’s a link to her blog, please take time to visit, it’s fabulous!!

I love reading her posts and looking at her pictures.  The quote for her page caught my eye first – “One sees clearly only with the heart.What is essential is invisible to the eye.”  I just love that!

Thank you so much Ela, I really appreciate this!

Rules of the award ? Do it as you feel. Make it simple, just nominate 15 people that impressed you with their blog, or, if you want to follow the rules, follow the link to Ela’s blog.

Like Ela I love nominating people and feel like it’s a great way to encourage, inspire and applaud the efforts of fellow bloggers.  You guys are amazing! 

So here are my 15 nominations, thank you all for being creative and beautiful:


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Congratulations, I wish you all a terrific day!!!  Keep on blogging! :)


Renting Trucks Moving Pieces

Since I have been on my own (with kids) since 2005, we have moved many times.  We have moved utilizing friends and pick-up trucks, rented trucks, hired movers, did it all in one day, spaced it out over a few weeks, you name it, we’ve probably tried it.  I can tell you that no matter how you slice it, moving sucks. 

We are still painting the house and just have part of the living room and my room left to go, then we will all spot paint and touch up where the paint bubbles and leaves spots that you can’t see until it dries.  After that the woodwork will have to be done and part of the kitchen cabinets.  

As for the moving part – Lindsey and I worked our tails off last Sunday afternoon moving most of the boxes, clothes, and small stuff.  We moved some of the furniture, but not a lot.  Now we just mainly have furniture to go.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but my landlord liked the colors so much that he went and sprayed the inside of the garage.  It is a brownish rust color and kind of matches the rest of the house.  Now I keep looking at it and wondering if I could put a pool table out there or something later on once all the boxes are unpacked.  Ha.

One of the hardest things in the world for me is to decorate the walls.  I don’t know why.  I used to use tons of family pictures of the kids in the hallways, and if we had stairs, they would line the stairway.  Not the posed types of pictures made in studio’s, but the “trip to the zoo, six flags, or Galveston,” type pictures.  I just like pictures of “life” as it’s happening. 

For whatever reason at our last house I lined the hallway with pictures and didn’t like it anymore, so wound up taking them all down.  So, it will be interesting to see what actually winds up on the walls here.  I have thought of doing some large, fun artwork with the kids and may wind up going that direction at least at first.  Or I may finally get out the art desk and come up with something on my own.  I think one of my main issues is that I like to change things, a lot.  So, I will probably eventually wind up with a bunch of artwork I will swap out for different seasons or times of the year, or just when I feel like a change.  I know that’s kind of odd, but it keeps things from feeling stagnant and looking fresh. 

One of my best friends gave us a washer and dryer and had them hooked up for us on Monday.  My brother and his in-laws gave us a refrigerator and he helped us move the furniture.   I don’t know what we would do without the kindness and thoughtfulness of others.  If it weren’t for the caring people in my life I don’t know how I would have made it through the holidays, much less up until now. 

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