“Hunger Games” – Just My Take

I took some time off from all the moving, painting chaos on Friday night and went to see “Hunger Games” with Lindsey.  So, I thought I would do a brief review. 

 First, I will say that the movie is visually amazing.  We did not go see the 3D version, but I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing it in 3D.  The concept while, I admit, is a bit disturbing to have children ages 12-18 years, picked two from each of the twelve districts to compete and fight to the death until there is one lone survivor, is not so far-fetched.

 I think the author did an excellent job of reminding us of our humanity and that if we are not careful it can quickly become sadistic and mean all in course of what is considered good entertainment.  In fact, we as humans have run down these trails before.  I thought of this all day on Saturday parts and pieces of that movie and storyline haunted me.

 Think of the first Olympics – created first to honor the 12 Olympian Gods, combining tests of mind, body, spirit and the victors being treated like heroes with a crown of olive branches placed on their heads.  Those Olympic games all but went away when Rome conquered Greece and Roman Emperor Theodosius banned them in 393 AD saying they were pagan cults.

 With the Romans came the Gladiators entertaining audiences in bloody battles against other Gladiators, wild animals, condemned criminals and finally Christians.    These games were celebrated in high and low art forms and were considered great entertainment in their day.  It was a way to entertain the masses and to enforce governmental control as if you were convicted you could wind up in the arena.

 Then you had Germany who tried to instill the Aryan Games as a replacement for the Olympics.  Hitler had decided that once Germany conquered the world, they would have no choice but to send their athletes to Deutsch’s Stadion which was to hold 400,000 spectators. 

 All this aside, as disturbing as Hunger Games is in its story line with children fighting elements and each other, and a government taking wagers on who would survive, taking steps to control the game by adding fires and tweaking the elements to make it more interesting, or bring different contestants together, and above all keep the peace by using fear to control the different districts, it still serves as a fictionalized reminder of how close we’ve come to this very thing in the past and may perhaps prevent us traveling down this road in reality in the future.

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