There Be Changes A Foot!

Finally!!  I forced myself to finish cleaning and moving out of the old house on Sunday.  So we finally have everything all in one place.  Our new house currently looks like a storage unit.  Dang.  There is so much to do, unpack, put up and put together.

 After moving (again) all weekend, I’ve come to the conclusion that we still have too much “stuff.”  So, I’ve given myself some deadlines on getting things done.  I’m not the most organized person in the world, so it’s become very important for me to set goals, deadlines and rewards when they are met to keep motivated and moving towards where I want to be. 

 This whole ordeal has been good for me in that it has forced me back into making sure I work on a single thing until it’s finished.  I am bad about scattering my interests and projects and having too many things going at once and not really prioritizing like I should.  Somehow everything went off kilter when I lost mom and dad.  It just seemed to have blown me out of the water completely. 

 Somehow the grieving shock threw me way off balance.  I lost most habits, both good and bad.  For weeks I was just barely going on automatic and in a fog at that.  If you are experiencing something like this, just make sure you take care of yourself.  Things like eating well, sleeping long enough, and exercising were real challenges for me.  I was in such a fog that I was forgetful, didn’t eat well or on any sort of schedule, so I didn’t feel good and had been averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep per night for a few months, neither of which is healthy.  I felt lethargic and kept thinking I needed to be doing more, doing something, anything, but lacked the “want too.”  I wasn’t what I would consider majorly depressed, I just simply didn’t want to do much. 

 However, I know now that the change of atmosphere has been a major uplifting for me.  Even if we hadn’t moved, I think repainting, redecorating and adding more color to our lives would have made a huge difference.  I have been reading about color therapy and how much the color we surround ourselves with affect how we feel, how we act and our outlook.  The color we choose to wear, look at, affects so many areas in our lives it’s incredible!

 The best thing to do is find a base color and then use the other colors as accents to make the most of them.  For instance:

 Red –    thought to boost physical energy, strengthen willpower, increase circulation, clear congestion and promote passion.  Use sparingly though, too much red may promote aggressiveness or anger.

Orange – encourages joy, optimism and socializing.  Too much orange can lead to tiredness, and pessimism.

Yellow – Associated with the intellect, mental processes, can be uplifting.   Too much yellow can lead to poor concentration and may promote fear.

Green – thought to encourage growth, stability, calmness and healing, love and trust.  Too much green can be associated with mistrust, feelings of jealousy and isolation.

Blue – thought to enhance verbal expression, communication and artistic gifts.  This color is also supposed to help with migraines and insomnia.  Too much blue may be associated with lethargic feelings.

Purple – thought to encourage spirituality, intuition, wisdom, mental strength and focus.  Too much purple may promote pride and arrogance.

 I find the idea of this to be interesting and psychologically sound.  Though there is a bit of difference of opinion on some things it’s worth reading in too if you are interested

Here are a few links on the subject I found interesting:

 I enjoy finding out the history of why we do some of the things we do which is why I loved the last link because it walks through history to modern times.  Add some color and enhance your surroundings, it could make a difference in how you feel and your outlook.

 Cherry Coley ©

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