Thank You, God, For Your Protection

Tornado’s were all over the Dallas and Fort Worth area today.  Arlington, Lancaster and Forney were hit pretty hard.  My brother and co-workers took a video of a tornado close to them.

Description: Forney Tornado April 3, 2012

I haven’t figured out how to link the video’s on here yet.  This took my breath away, partially because nature in all of its wonder has the ability to be beautiful and serene or deadly at times.  Either way, it’s a reminder that we are not in control of anything really.   We are just human after all and witnesses of events on this journey.

I am thankful that though there is devastation and loss in all this, there has also been divine protection.  Let us lend a helping hand where needed, listen to needs, and step in where we can to help. 

Cherry Coley (c)

2 thoughts on “Thank You, God, For Your Protection

  1. Cherry,
    My son Andon lives in Forney and on his way home ran into heavy hail. Fearing his wind shield would break he pulled over to the side of the highway (US 80) and stopped. He said to himself his dad didn’t raise a fool and decided to move down the road to a restaurant. He was watching the weather when he spotted a tornado go across the highway exactly where he had been stopped. He called Eva later and told her the story and said he was still shaking from what he had seen and how The Father had saved him.
    I have always included thanks in my prayers for what God has done for my family and asked for His continued protection for us. How much more of a sign does one need to see God saying ‘I love you and I have plans for you’.
    Say Hi to everyone for me at OHBC, especially Mary Ann.
    Randy Arnold

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