Unpacking, Painting and Getting it Right

It’s been awhile since I posted about the house and how things are coming along.  I’ve had to work more, and my unpacking fairies have lain around on the job a bit too much.

The bathroom that Lindsey was painting earlier, I repainted.  At certain times of the day the light would hit the walls just right and the room started to look peach colored.  I like peach, it’s a pretty color, but it’s not me.  So, I repainted my bathroom Peanut Butter – that’s the color name for the paint.  It looks like a warm gold in that room and I like it better. 

I’m designing my room differently this time around.  Why? Because my life has had so many changes these last few years that I want variety, I want versatile, I want to be able to adjust things without having to reinvent them each time.  I’m getting off subject, I will share more on that when I finally get the room done. 

photo by cc

This is my bathroom, mostly red and warm brownish-gold.  It has a very comforting and relaxing feel and I love that.  I found an interesting sconce to put on the wall – saying Live, Laugh, Love that it very pretty when the candles are lit.

I have a castle that you can burn incense cones in too.  It’s quiet nice when lit, it sends incense up through the little windows and helps create a nice place to escape with a hot bath after a hard day. 

I also installed a shower thingy! Ha, yes, that is my technical term.  The shower head that was in the bathroom was atrocious and plain, so it had to be replaced.   There are a few more things I want to do to the bathroom, but there are so many other projects I need to finish, that I will have to get back to the final touches in a bit.  Eventually I will paint a border of some kind around the top of the bathroom, I just haven’t decided exactly what that will look like yet. 

Cherry Coley (c)

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