A Personal Story – Law of Attraction – Part 1

When people talk about the Law of Attraction they usually try to promote the positive side; the “what you focus on you will bring into your world,” part. 

There are some that want you to believe that if you just keep that positive attitude and focus on that, then everything will just automatically fall into place, the roses will bloom and all will be well.  Then those that listen and work hard at being positive get disappointed when things don’t immediately turn around and lose hope.

I can tell you this, Law of Attraction DOES work.  It works whether you believe it or not, and it works whether you are thinking positive or not.  What you focus and concentrate on you will bring more of into your life.  I can give you many examples, but feel the need to share an unfortunate one at this time.

About 3 years ago my mom suggested I read a book that was about a woman who struggled to live with, protect her children from, fight for, then run away from an abusive husband.  At that time I was still in the middle stages of my divorce from an abusive relationship myself and the book hit home. 

I was already exhausted from the fight and weary from trying to be strong alone.  I went to bed every night for weeks wondering, questioning, “if my kids were in danger would I be strong like that woman now?”  I felt tired, weak and honestly didn’t know.  The thought bothered me and wouldn’t leave me alone; I dwelled on it, focused on it.  My questions were answered in the course of a week about 3 months later. 

We were living in apartments that were not terrible, but not great.  They were the first apartments we had lived in on the bottom floor.  I don’t like living in bottom floor apartments. 

Within about 5 weeks of moving in we had a man jump onto our balcony area and try the side door with the girls and I sitting in the living room.  I had called the office, made a report and we didn’t have any more trouble, other than being stared at like dessert by the construction workers that lived across the hall every day.

That summer my kids were going to summer school.  I hated that I couldn’t pick them up, but found a parent of another child also going to school who was kind enough to drop off my kids every day.

It was a day in early June when my oldest daughter walked up to the door of our apartment and found it kicked in and off the hinges.  She immediately ran back to the car with Mr. Duke and told him.  He got the baseball bat out of his car and went to see what was going on while Casey called me.  I left work without saying much of anything.

I was very thankful that Mr. Duke stayed with my kids, kept them calm and made sure they were safe until I got there.  On the way I was on the phone with police and apartment personnel telling them my kids needed protection and they better do their job.  There were a lot of people in our apartment by the time I got there.

They repaired the door, replaced the locks, took statements and checked for fingerprints.  The intruder had gone through all our closets and clothes, but the only thing they took was my laptop.  It didn’t make any sense and we all felt violated. 

We huddled close to each other for nights, praying for protection, double checking windows and doors, and checking on each other.  I realized then that I would fight to the death for my kids if I had too, without asking questions or hesitation.

Tragedy and stressful situations can bring a family close or tear them apart depending on how things are handled.  I had not been sure how I would handle such things with it just being the girls and I, and I had received my answer.  Yet, this was not the end of the lesson, there was an even greater test in store just 3 days later.

—to be continued—

Cherry Coley ©

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