A Great Reminder

I love this quote – I remember it from Winnie the Pooh.  When Pooh was feeling weak and scared, Christopher Robin made him memorize this quote to remind him to be brave.  Pooh later shared the same thing with Piglet to help him, and so it is that when you take the time to encourage one person, the ripple effect of your kindness will carry on and affect many more than you will ever know.

Cherry Coley (c)

9 thoughts on “A Great Reminder

  1. all of you encourage me so much. i don’t know how i would keep going without you. i am very tired with taking care of my brother, and with your gentle words, i can continue on my journey

  2. This is actually the third time I’ve seen this recently, plus I’ve had some very prophetic dreams lately, I think the spirits are trying to to tell me something, thanks for the post, I guess I needed it whether I knew it nor not. 🙂

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