Feeling Fear and Going Forward

Funny thing, fear, it can freeze you where you are at times, but there will always be fear and challenges in life.  Fear can be felt in so many different ways and sometimes it is so disguised that we don’t really realize that is what it is until we take the time to really look at it.

Lately I have found myself feeling somewhat disconnected, and at yet another crossroads in my life.  It seems to happen to me a lot recently.  Yet another little known fact about me is that I have always loved dream interpretation.  It’s something I have spent a lifetime studying and learning. 

So when I began to have dreams of walking through forests I started paying attention as that usually indicates a search for meaning and a transition for me.  Then when I started dreaming of looking out over a canyon at sunset I stopped and contemplated where I am.  A canyon indicates deeper relationships while sunset means an ending of a cycle in life.

It all fits with many of the other things that I have been struggling with along the way.  I have decided my next course of action and am now finally able to stand up at the cross roads and get ready to walk the path I have chosen.   It’s interesting how taking just a little time out to meditate and pray can calm the spirit and guide.

Fear and uncertainty stopped me, but it has no place in my life other than to briefly make me pause to check my intentions, and direction.  Other than that, I will push through and realize that with every experience and trial in this life there is given, at the appropriate time, grace, courage and strength to see us through. 

Knowing that there is nothing to fear in what tomorrow brings, because tomorrow, the sun will shine again.  The breeze will blow and greet the leaves, the birds will lift their voices to the heavens, and life will go on.  

Cherry Coley ©

14 thoughts on “Feeling Fear and Going Forward

  1. It sounds like you are going through a lot right now and I like your attitude of gratitude. I find it’s difficult sometimes to get into the appreciative state of mind, especially when experiencing change. ALthough I understand that change is good, I am myself at the point when there is too much happening around me and all I can do is just keep my head above water. Good luck with your change! 🙂

  2. Beautiful beautiful post! You have a very positive attitude in life and a strong faith. It will get you out of any problem, it will make your goals become reality…
    God bless you, keep on being strong and positive Cherry!!!! >:)<

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  6. Fear…it can be eye-opening or paralyzing, all dependent on how you interpret the situation surrounding you. Fear of the uncertain direction, unknowns in life, or what-have-you are exactly what has spawned my own personal mantra, “breathe in, breathe out…one foot in front of the other”, in an attempt to forge a life full of follow-through, in spite of the fear we are feeling.

    I’ve always been interested in dream interpretation, as well. I haven’t studied it, though it fascinates me. Great post 😀

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