Walls and Bridges

Sometimes we are lonely because we have built far more walls than bridges.

We are a society of walls, fences and protected privacy.  We are taught that these things will keep us safe and protected from harm.  In an age of information, there is a lot of truth to that.

However, it is also true that if we are not careful we find ourselves building walls around our heart and mind as well.  It happens when we get hurt by someone we love or respect a great deal.  It happens because life dictates that we all have our fair share of hard knocks to keep us humble, and help us grow, however we choose how to respond to these events.

The most important weapon we will ever own as individuals is the gift of choice.  We cannot always choose events, or circumstances.  We cannot predict mishaps and unfortunate occurrences.  The one thing we can do is decide how we will respond, the attitude we will take and how we will allow these life events to affect us.  Your responses, attitude and approach to life are the only things you have complete control over at any given point in your life. 

Choose to respond positively. 

Choose to learn and adjust your attitude to your own advantage.

Choose to share what you have experienced.

Don’t shut out the world with walls and fences, build some bridges and share the knowledge with others.  That is how we will change the world, one person at a time, starting with the person in the mirror.

Cherry Coley ©

10 thoughts on “Walls and Bridges

  1. Nice post Cherry , I posted tonight about new friends , for me anyway are very hard to trust because of the angles people play . It’s getting harder to trust , seems people are out for themselves . It’s hard for me sometimes , cause of my past ..I was one of these people . I have been drug free for almost 5 months and in my past I had ever angle there was . I know how to spot a fake …and I’m trying so hard to reconcile myself . I’m very lonely at times and look forward to a good conversation , Building walls it seems is all I can do…I’m talking all over the place , but think your post has a lot of good ideas in it …Please check out my post and tell me what you think …If you have time …Thanks so much…Tim

  2. Jennifer is right. It’s not easy to build bridges. Or to tear down walls that have been there for, seemingly, forever. Yet, it’s amazing how, when you chose to focus on positives, react in a balanced way, and continue to build your integrity (mine, in my case), the bridges sometimes form themselves.

    “The one thing we can do is decide how we will respond, the attitude we will take and how we will allow these life events to affect us.” These are the building blocks to bridges with beautiful scenery 😀 Great post!

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