They’re Just Words

It can be hard to say the right thing at the right time.  How many times do we sit and say nothing and then later wonder why we didn’t say something?

I can’t count the times when I’ve wished later that I said something other than what actually came out.  Words taken then wrong way can be damaging and hurtful.  Words not spoken at all can lead to hurt as well because sometimes we give the impression we don’t care, or are preoccupied. 

I love words, but sometimes they have been my enemy.  I have struggled and fought with them to make them share my thoughts in a way that might make sense to someone else.  I don’t always succeed.  Sometimes clear communication can be elusive. 

It’s times like those, when words just aren’t enough, that I am thankful to be able to reach out, hold, hug, touch someone’s hand, or just share a smile.  At times when words won’t come, tears or a look can say far more than anything I could manage to say out loud.

Communication is far more than just words, with some people it comes easy, while others are a bit more of a challenge because we are all different.  Yet communication is a gift that can bring together people of all ages, all nationalities, and from every circumstance given the chance.

Cherry Coley (c)


3 thoughts on “They’re Just Words

  1. I have been known to say that talking is overrated — but you’re right, communication is important at the same time. There’s a balance. I like knowing when to be quiet and knowing when to speak…

  2. So true…an email or post that we needed to be “held” a bit, forgetting to “engage brain before putting mouth in motion,” using words we *thought* we understood the meaning of (and ALL the implications that go with that!), speaking such carelessly/lazily constructed sentences that we actually say things we never intended, forgetting that often “it ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it.” Sigh…the inevitable failures that come from being fallen humans… Thank God for forgiveness, for understanding and hugs.

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