The Inspiring Blogger Award! July 2012

I was nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award by a great blog called  Please take the time to check out this highly entertaining blog!

Here are 7 things about me,
1.         I have always loved animated movies.  I was collecting the Disney movies from the moment they were available for private home collections. 

2.         We added two new puppies to our household in the last month – they are toy chi-weenies and they are driving me CRAZY!!

3.         I truly love walks in the moonlight.  I wish there were more safe places to do that.  I’ll settle for watching the moon from my backyard most nights. 

4.         I love to read all kinds of books from young adult fiction to self help books.  I just love reading.

5.         I like action and adventure movies the most now.  I enjoy horror movies, but not the slasher, bloody kind, more the mess with your head and make you wonder what’s real kind.

6.         I love dancing and playing in rain. 

7.         I like to walk through grave yards and read the epitaphs.  I just think it’s so interesting what people write, and to wonder who they were, how they lived, who they loved.  It’s a very peaceful thing to me.

Now I get to choose 15 blogs that inspire me to share.  I love this part because it’s like introducing friends to more friends. 

Now that means you’ve all won so thank me in your acceptance blog, write 7 things about yourself. Then you have to choose 15 more winner’s and post their URL’s in your blog and share the love! There are so many blogs that continue to inspire me each day – this is just a sampling.  Take the time to check them out!

Keep writing and sharing!





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