There’s Life, There’s Hope

I touched a rose today.  I was struck silent by the beauty that was before me.

Each petal is intricately made, soft and fragrant, placed in the perfect spot for its nourishment, growth and use.  A rose will remain beautiful and fragrant for its lifespan if not interfered with, but life does interfere.

Even roses have challenges such as: storms, insects, lack of water, mildew, cold weather, and of course, people harvesting them for their own enjoyment.  The flower of the rose is the part everyone loves for its beauty and fragrance.  In the bud and petals we can experience the heart of the rose and be stuck by the beauty and scent, but the strength of the flower lies in the stem, covered in thorns, thick and coarse it is meant to withstand whatever life throws at it. 

I touched a baby today.  I was struck silent by the wondrous beauty of a child.

Each finger and toe is intricately made, soft and fragile, placed on this earth for its nourishment, growth and purpose.  A child comes to us pure and innocent, personality programmed and ready for input.

 There is no instruction manual and each child will have challenges such as: storms, heartbreak, love loss, failures, defeat, love, hope, joy, appreciation, neglectfulness, anger, pain, contentment, success, comfort and so much more to experience on this journey.  Though the skin is soft, strength will be cultivated and grow from within over time and with experience.

 The heart of the child – no matter the age – is seen in their actions and deeds.  When the person is being true to their self and their calling, they will bloom just like the flower and share with the world their individual gifts.  We are each unique and gifted to fulfill a purpose.

 The rose and child remind me that there is hope for our future.  Cultivated, cherished and loved, the effect can be far reaching and benefit all that come in contact. 

 Take a moment to look and appreciate the life that is all around you.  The news has plenty of bad things to report, and the world has its share of issues and problems, but there is life, there is hope, and if you’re still here then you still have a purpose.  What are you doing to make a difference and be true to yourself today?

 Cherry Coley ©

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