Trip Back in Time

I remembered a conversation I had with my dad when I was about eight years old last night.  It was a warm summer day and daddy had been working on the car all afternoon.  He was in the backyard and scrubbing the grease off his hands using the water hose.

 I had been playing on the swing set he had put up for us and it was about time to go in to eat dinner.  I remember the light being just before the sun kisses the clouds at sunset.  I had been thinking about my mom having a hard time with the ladies at the daycare.  They were talking about money and the programs they wanted to do with the kids for Christmas and mom was frustrated.  I didn’t understand all that was going on, just that it was hard on her.    

 “Daddy, why is life so hard?” I asked.

 “Life is hard because it was designed that way,” dad said.

 “Why was it designed that way?” I asked.

 “Because only through the tough times do we learn to ask for help and grow, we won’t do some things unless we have too, so life was designed to bring us to our knees at times to keep us on track.”  Said dad

 “Sounds like a mean way to do things,” I said.

 “It’s the same as me saying you have to clean house and do the dishes before you go outside to play,” he said.  “You wouldn’t do it if you weren’t made to because you’re a kid and want to go play.”

 “I guess, but adults don’t play much do they?” I asked.

 “Sure, but only after hard work and making money to pay for things and buy the things we need and want.  Life isn’t about getting something for nothing.  You can’t learn unless you give and sometimes we get all involved in what we’re doing and God has to get our attention to show us that He’s got something we need to pay attention to and learn.” – he said.

 “Then I want to learn to pay attention every day so God doesn’t have to knock me down to teach me things,” I said.

 “I think that would be a good thing,” he patted me on the head.

Cherry Coley (c)

3 thoughts on “Trip Back in Time

  1. I believe this to be true. I needed the reminder today. A lot on my mind and just needed to know any type of failure or setback is okay. Thanks for this post. 🙂

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