Puppy Love

There’s no better example of unconditional love that a dog.  Whether you’ve been gone for 5 hours or 5 minutes they are still happy and excited to see you.


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes just like people.  There’s a little puppy for everyone who wants to add a member to their family.

A loyal heart filled with hope and love.  Handle with care.

22 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. I had a Black Lab-Coonhound mix for 14 years. Toby stole food, destroyed a sofa, ate a TV remote, undecorated a Christmas tree, almost broke my hand, escaped constantly, and damaged more things than I can remember. But he was also with me during my abusive first marriage, my divorce, and many good and bad times. Toby was a constant companion and a best friend. He could sense when something was wrong and was right there by my side. I loved that dog with all my heart. To me a house is not a home without a dog.

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