8 thoughts on “You Decide!

  1. I am a big fan of doing lots of little things.. I call it Planting Seeds. I like to plant the seeds of wellbeing in my life by doing something small and pampering for myself each day or every time I think of it. You don’t need to win the lottery. Today and yesterday lots of parcels have been arriving from ebay… some cheap little gifts I bought myself (clothes) and it’s made me feel really looked after. The same thing can work for achieving dreams. Maybe you can’t do the whole thing right now, but maybe while you are out and about, you can talk about it with people, mix with the people who are doing the same thing, make friends, send an email or two, enter competitions, blog about it, make a phonecall, send out a sample of your work now and then, here and there. You don’t know what will come back to you if you plant a few seeds. So even if you are bogged down with daily living, in some job you don’t like doing, you can effortlessly sow a seed as you go about your day and it’s taking small action, just a little here and there when you feel like it, that can begin the process. Further down the line you can find yourself with lots of options to choose from- all out of opportunities you created for yourself. We get stressed out and go on emotional rollercoasters when we only apply for the one thing we want to do, in the one place, with the one set of people. It’s like writing a song when you see a songwriting competition advertised, vs, writing a song because you are a songwriter at heart, then stumbling across a flyer for a songwriting competition and picking one of your best songs to enter. One way is more natural and powerful than the other. Things don’t have to be stressful. It’s all a matter of approach.

  2. This is the reason that I’ve gone back to TaeKwonDo. I took a 4 year break, starting when my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But everytime my son tested, I was almost jumping out of my seat, partly because of nervousness for him, but more because I wanted to be on that mat. I started back in May. I usually only go to 2 classes a week because of work/family obligations. But TaeKwonDo is in my heart. Classes are hard and I hurt, but after each class I can say “I did it.” This weekend I’m testing for my next belt, and my goal is to become a black belt one day (my son is a second degree decided black belt at age 13). TaeKwonDo is something we do as a family (my daughter is a Little Dragon), but it’s the only thing I do for myself.

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