Just Being Me

Today I am thankful I am me.

Saying I am thankful I am me sounds a bit conceited perhaps, but I am truly thankful that we are each of us wonderfully and individually made.  There’s not a single person that is identical to another person inside and out.

 What a great gift to wake up in the morning and realize today we have the opportunity to show the world who we are.  We can use our talents, work our hardest, give our best, be goofy, and be authentic. 

 No matter who you are or what your station in life might be, realize that there is only one you.  No one else can ever take your place.  You have a purpose, a reason you are here.  Don’t give up or let yourself become complacent, the world needs you, we need you.

Look in the mirror today and say, “Today, I am thankful I am me.”   Then let the people in your life know you are thankful for them.

 Cherry Coley ©

Just a Bit Foggy

It was foggy outside this morning, enough to make visibility questionable.

Opening the door to fog always makes me think of the dramatic scene in Gone With The Wind, where Scarlet pleads with Rhett – “Rhett, where ever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?”

Rhett replies, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” then disappears into the fog.

Fog like darkness is scary because our senses are inhibited.  Both fog and darkness limit our sight, can muffle or distort sounds, and can even cause smells to become more noticeable (since other senses are dulled) or distorted as well.  Things that mess with our senses are scary because we aren’t completely in control of what we perceive.  How many nightmares contain fog?

Life is a struggle, a journey where we are often searching for answers and seeking to find our way.  Fog and darkness are physical obstacles until we learn to navigate them.  As we go along we learn to slow our pace, turn on the lights and proceed with caution in times of darkness and fog.

We must also learn to approach many of life’s mental and spiritual challenges the same way, by slowing our pace, turning on the inner lights – resting in the knowledge of what we know is true, and proceeding with caution until the path becomes clear.

Fog is not the enemy and darkness is not permanent. 

Cherry Coley ©