Eat it Up!

Today I am thankful for restaurants.  It’s nice to have a wide range of places to go out to eat, to gather with family or friends, be served a meal, and enjoy the company without having to worry about cooking or clean up.

It can be addicting, this kind of convenience, we can get spoiled very quickly to having others wait on us. 

Our family goes out to eat to meet up with friends, or family, and to celebrate different occasions.  We don’t go out to eat a lot because it can get expensive depending on where you go.  So going out to eat is a real treat when we do go.

I am thankful to live in a time and place where there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.  To be able to choose different cuisine’s is a convenient treat.  To be able to share the experience is a blessing.  Not long ago we went to Medieval Times and enjoyed dinner and a tournament for a birthday. 

Take a moment to reflect on different places you’ve been able to eat at and enjoy, many memories have been made laughing and sharing around meals. 

Cherry Coley (c)


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