Cloudy With a Chance Of……

Today I am thankful for storms.  Storms have a purpose in life, especially thunderstorms.  The thunder and lightning combine to shake things up, and make things grow.  If we didn’t have storms we wouldn’t have produce, or flowers, or water to drink. 

While I don’t like the big storms like hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunami‘s, they too must have some purpose, though it is hard to see when you are looking at the damages.  Still they do bring communities together, remind us to pray, and allow people who would help to meet others they might not meet otherwise.

I remember growing up, almost every time there was a thunderstorm we would lose power at our house.  We had a lot of flashlights, hurricane lamps and brass candlestick holders on hand for such occasions.  In the dark, often gathered in one room we would tell stories, listen to the rain, or even play monopoly by candle light.

Life brings many storms both physical one’s, emotional and spiritual one’s.  I’ve found that no matter what kind of storm comes, the thought of a candle and the warmth it brings is the calm that gets me through.  It in the storms that we find our strength, our inner light, a light we can share with others when they are going through a storm.

I don’t particularly like all the different kinds of storms, but I am thankful for them because there is a reason for everything.

Cherry Coley (c) 


5 thoughts on “Cloudy With a Chance Of……

  1. We were awakened at 2:30 a.m. with thunderstorms…..I jumped out of bed, unplugged laptops, then snuggled back in to watch the light show as I feel back to sleep. Some storms are not so kind, as you say. But today, I am grateful for much needed rain! ~ paula

  2. Superstorm Sandy left us with many broken trees, a few fallen ones, a broken fence, and the deck was ripped right off the back of our house. I was so scared. But after the storm had cleared and I looked at the 20 foot tree that displaced our deck, I realized how lucky we were, because that tree could have come the other way into our house, right into the room where we all were. We are safe. The house itself is fine. For that I am grateful. By the way, I was petrified of thunderstorms when I was little. Now I love them.

    • I don’t know why we have superstorms. They sound and look so scary. I am glad you all are okay. Maybe the storms remind us not to take anything for granted and to treasure every moment.
      I love soft rains and thunderstorms.

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