Sa-weet!! Sweets!

Today I am thankful for candy.  I love all kinds of candy and there are so many kinds that you will probably never be able to try them all.

 I love walking into a candy store and smelling the sweet flavors in the air, and the way different candy stores smell.  The smell of a salt water taffy shop is sugary elation, but it cannot come close to walking into a chocolatiers like Godiva.  The smell of chocolate is sensual and sweetly intoxicating.

 My mom used to make divinity and chocolate fudge every year around Christmas and keep the candy bowls full.  We also made peanut brittle to give away as treats for teachers.

There are many fond memories associated with candy, from shopping for it and trying it in the candy shops to making it in the kitchen at home.  Candy is not just sweet to the taste, but a treat to make memories.  I am thankful to have sweet memories and plan to make many more.

 Cherry Coley ©

6 thoughts on “Sa-weet!! Sweets!

  1. Yum. I love all types of candy too. Jelly beans are a favorite. Every Easter and Christmas my mom would get me a bag of those many flavored jelly beans. Buttered popcorn flavored is my favorite. Now when I eat jelly beans I remember my mom with a smile. Thanks for sharing.

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