Be Accountable!

Today I am thankful for accountability.  Accountability plays a big part in our lives.  It’s a wonderful thing to have people who are accountable for their own choices and actions in life.  Those are the people who are not the one’s causing drama, pointing fingers, blaming others, and whining constantly because things aren’t the way they planned.

Being an accountable person means taking responsibility for your choices, decisions, actions, thoughts, and words among other things.  We need more people who hold themselves accountable and live up to a higher standard.

I am thankful to finally realize what being accountable means and to be able to study and grow as a person.  Life is so much more than having a positive attitude, or spouting a bunch of inspirational quotes.  Becoming accountable is taking responsibility for yourself and your life and it’s a journey that changes and grows over time. 

 Life is much for enjoyable and fulfilling when you are in charge of your own decisions and own up to your own mistakes. 

 Cherry Coley ©

2 thoughts on “Be Accountable!

  1. I was just saying to a friend today that I am responsible for where I am today — I’m less of a victim when I can be accountable. This was right on time!

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