Listen, I Can See You!

Oh to see a rose, to smell the fragrance, touch the soft petals, look at the rich color.  What a beautiful reminder of what our senses are for.

Today I am thankful for the senses.  What a gift to have each of them.  I am thankful for the sight I do have, although it wouldn’t be near as good without my contacts or glasses.  I am thankful for the options we have to improve our sight as well.

 I am thankful for the ability to see, hear, taste, touch, and speak.  In the last few years my mom had a terrible time with her eyes and ears.  Her eyes would close involuntarily which made it challenging for her to read, cook, walk and too dangerous for her to drive.  She also had Meniere’s disease which affects balance and hearing.  She had many side effects and illnesses caused by large doses of the chemotherapy she had years previously.

 In listening to her try to deal with these frustrations, I came to appreciate when there were good days much more as well as be grateful for my own senses and the ability to help.

 Nothing in life should be taken for granted, though it is human nature to do just that.  We take for granted things that we have always had or that have always been there, only noticing how much they meant to us if something happens and they are damaged or lost.

 Take a moment to appreciate the gift of your senses, even if you don’t have all of them, be thankful for what you have and put them to good use while taking good care of them.

Cherry Coley (c)