Rain and Memories

It’s cold and raining again.  Kind of unusual weather for Texas.  This is the first steadily cold winter I can remember.  Usually, we have bi-polar weather that can’t make up its mind from day to day.  One day it will be 70+ and the next in the 40’s. 

I’m not complaining.  I like the steady cold temps, I’m not sure I’m carried away with the grey days though.  The rainy grey days make me feel mellow, and somewhat sleepy. 

It reminds me of grey days I spent with my mom growing up.  Often she would make chicken and dumplings, have me help her roll out the dough then cut it in strips to put in the pot. 

Rainy days were great for reading, watching old movies, listening to music, or just spending time cooking.  It’s pretty much the same now with my kids.  I like rainy days now and then.  There’s something soothing and nice about listening to the sound of the rain and watching it trickle down the windows. 

Cherry Coley (c)

8 thoughts on “Rain and Memories

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  2. Hi Cherry! What an inteersting concept. Rain in January. I have always had snow and cold in January. For some reason I also thought you lived in New York State. I have no idea why. Now I know you live in Texas. I love learning a little something new about he bloggers I am following, Thank you, Enjoy the rain! ~Thea

      • It has been a pretty good January so far. Typical winter with no weather extremes… so far. It is looking very white here with lots of fresh snow. Quite pretty but quite chilly. Have a good week. ~Thea

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