Comfort From A Furry Friend

Lindsey Keal

Lindsey Keal

Today our black cat reminded me how comforting the presence of an animal is.  I had asthma as a child and spent many hours in bed with a vaporizer.  My cat Mitten (who I was not allergic to) would cuddle up with me and purr.

Many nights I went to sleep to the comforting sound of singing and purring of my cat.  Batman, our black cat, reminded me this morning how comforting that sound can be.  It brought back warm memories of long ago when the sound calmed me, comforted and helped me breath at a slower rhythm.

Animals add so many wonderful things to our lives.  They add entertainment and companionship, acceptance and unquestioning love.  I thankful for the furry family members I’ve known over the years, they’ve added their share of smiles and tears to my memories and will never be forgotten

Cherry Coley (c).

2 thoughts on “Comfort From A Furry Friend

  1. Great post. I grew up with animals and now have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a guinea pig, and a rabbit. A lot of pets, a lot of work, and a lot of mess, but I wouldn’t give up any one of them. During Hurricane Sandy, I sat in the darkness, listening to the wind rip shingles off our roof, the house creaking and groaning. I had gone upstairs to call the insurance company after a tree fell and ripped the deck right off the back of our house. I was upset and very scared. I was alone sitting at the top of the stairs when I felt something rub against me. It was my cat Max. He came up behind me, put his paws on my shoulders like a hug, and meowed and purred, and then started rubbing all over me. It was like he was trying to comfort me, and petting him calmed me down. I love animals. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

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