A Bit Bleary and Struggling with the Time Zone

I feel like a zombie today and I’m blaming the time change.

Last night I could not sleep.  I don’t remember the time change affecting me this much before, but for some reason this time it has.  My internal clock has gone all off kilter.  I am hoping it will reset in a few days and get back on track.  In the meantime, I am craving sleep like I sometimes crave chocolate. 

My reaction to the time change this time sparked my interest.  I have watched the people around me have some of the same issues so I decided to look it up and see what information I could find on the subject. 

Here are some interesting facts about time change this time of year and the two to three weeks following it:

  1. There’s a higher incidence of accidents at work.
  2. Youth tend to have lower test grades and scholastic performance this time of year.
  3. There is a higher number of heart attacks during this two-week period.
  4. Many people have trouble getting to sleep at the right time because it is light outside longer.
  5. Other people have found it hard to get up and get going in the morning.
  6. Being tired can cause high emotions, inability to focus, depression and irritability.

So what can be done to help adjust to the time change and get back in sync?  A few suggestions are eating foods rich in tryptophan including milk, bananas, almonds, and pistachios.  Chamomile tea helps some people relax as well as warm baths at night.  Another suggestion is to limit the prolonged exposure to light which is part of the problem. Light blocking blinds and curtains help insulate and provide the darkness needed to good, restful sleep. 

Here are a few different articles on the subject if you are interested:




The time change feels a bit like jet lag.  So tonight I will get out and exercise a little earlier, make sure I eat something light on time, and go to bed according to the actual clock instead of my still adjusting internal clock.  I’m definitely hoping to have a better and bright-eyed day tomorrow. 

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