“Some people pursue happiness…others create it.” – Anonymous

Now and then in the midst of the daily struggle and grind, stop and remind yourself that you are – at this moment experiencing a miracle.  Each breath that you take is a life giving miracle.  Can you feel the heart beating in your chest? Another miracle.  No doctor or scientist can explain life – they can look at it, study it, pursue answers and seek to protect and prolong it, but they can’t explain it. 

Now that you have experienced the miracle of being alive, think about the miracles that allow you to learn, to read, to have emotions, to experience life.  Amazing what we take for granted most of the time. 

Joy, laughter, happiness are around you – created for you to experience.  The birds singing, the whispering leaves in the trees, the soft touch of the wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your face, all wonderous things in this life for you to enjoy.

Wouldn’t it be great if humans acted with the joy and abandon of a dog being let outside to play? They run full out, leaping and rolling, barking and howling into the wind, giving it their all in a moment of pure joy! Can you imagine a place where people could play like that?

When was the last time you just went outside, closed your eyes and listened to everything you could hear for awhile?  Amazing when our mind is relaxed, eyes are closed how much we can hear. 

Or the last time you ate a plate of fruit in low light – so you can better savor the flavors of each one and allow yourself to only concentrate on the taste?

Take a moment to try something different, remind yourself of the little things that can bring joy each day.  Life is too short to rush through in pursuit of happiness, find your bliss in the little things, then share a smile with a friend.

Cherry Coley (c)


photo by casey keal

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.






What is faith?  Is it a belief in something?  Is there any tangible evidence of faith or is it just a feeling?

Faith is the exact mix of hope and determination you need at the given moment when required.

 Faith conquers fear, moves mountains, shatters obstacles and grows in strength with steady use.  Take the first steps of faith to reach your goals, you don’t need to see the whole staircase, you just need one step at a time to make progress. 

 The first step is to allow yourself to dream.  Get a notebook, a pad, or a journal and start writing down your dreams.  Don’t put limits on your dreams or judge them, just step out onto the staircase and let the journey begin. 

 What do you want to do? Are there places you want to visit?  Where do you want to be later in your life?  Is there someone you would like to meet?  What kind of lifestyle do you see yourself living?

Choices and decisions, planning, goal setting all come later, for right now, just for today allow yourself the unlimited possibilities and the wonder that comes with dreaming.  Take a mini vacation just for you and enjoy the ride.

 Cherry Coley ©

Life is about Choices

Life is about choices.  Oh, I know we’ve all heard that before and we all know it’s true; the question is how true is it?

I have had to battle the demons from my past the last few days.  Those memories that haunt and an attitude that wants to settle around me like a dark cloud and seep into my skin to become a part of me again. 

A close friend of mine told me that I should stop writing positive drivel and write about a lot of the crap that I’ve experienced along the way.  I told him that no one would believe all the stuff I’ve been through, not that it didn’t happen, but that there is so much of it.  Truly, most people experience one or two major mishaps in life if they are unlucky enough, but I’ve had so many that even I sit and shake my head in wonder at why I am still here at times.

He also told me that I have a great talent for description and that if I have something to say then just say it.  Well, okay, but I will do it my way, not yours. 

For the last few days and especially last night, the darkness tried really hard to reassert its self and last night I went to bed feeling like I was losing the battle, that I had failed and should just write everything that happened, reliving it all in vivid detail as I did.  I had nightmares all night.

The thing is, while I was experiencing living with an abusive, narcissistic, sociopath and that was after being in a rather odd relationship with another one previously, I had become a ghost like reflection of who I once was.  In those years I was just a shell of a person functioning on the outside, putting up a good front so that things would seem normal to those who looked on. 

I still had a positive attitude even then, though I struggled with it and it was only surface deep.  I still believed in better days and that the sun would shine.  

In talking to my friend something defensive in me woke up.  It wasn’t a whimpering, sad shadow either.  He kept asking me how I could be so positive after so much.  My unwavering answer is because NO ONE CONTROLS ME!  No one controls my attitude and my outlook except ME! 

Whatever the world and life throws your way, you CAN come out stronger, better, but it’s a choice.  You have the power to CHOOSE how you apply the events and mishaps in your life.  You can learn from them and become stronger, or you can let them take you down, dwelling on them, feeling anger, revenge, helplessness, and relive them over and over.  I choose to learn, to get up and to keep going.  I choose to believe there’s more that life has to teach and offer.

I don’t just think the sun will shine again and that better days will eventually be here….I KNOW. 

For me, it’s no longer faith as much as it’s experience.  When you’re up against that cliff and there’s nothing to do but to step off the ledge, you can be sure that God is going to catch you, or teach you to fly.  The thing is that in order to go forward, you do have to move, faith is grown by action, not waiting and life is about choices.

Cherry Coley (c)

You Just Gotta Have Faith!

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

I was discussing faith with a friend of mine a few days ago.  How often is it that when we face frustrations and obstacles in our lives, someone you know says, “You just have to have faith that things will work out?”

 It’s something we are taught to say for when we really have no idea what else to say.  We tell people we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers, instruct them to have faith and the day goes on as normal.

 Faith, however, has a best friend.  Faith’s friend is often brought up in other contexts, but not always mentioned beside faith.  I find this interesting since you can’t truly experience one without the other because they go hand in hand.  Faith’s friend is Courage. 

 Now think about this, Mother Teresa, lived by faith and depended solely on God and people to fulfill her needs.  Yet, what is faith without courage?  How much courage did it take for her every single day with all the things she did, the lives she touched, the amazing encouragement and love she gave to the people around her? She fearlessly loved the people and sick children that most would turn away from, picking them up, holding, comforting and kissing them every day. 

 What about Martin Luther King?  It took a tremendous amount of courage to stand up for his dreams, justice, the knowledge that all of mankind was created equal.  Faith was at the forefront in everything he did, and like the leaders of the Reformation he knew that though he might be cut down for his beliefs and stance, he had the courage to stand firm and faith that the idea’s, dreams and the fire that he ignited would not die, but would grow into a flame that would create change in the world.

 Ever think about Moses?  He is noted as one of the Faith Fathers in the bible!  Yet how much courage did it take for him to go in front of Pharaoh over and over? How much courage did it take for him to come up against the Red Sea with all those people looking to him for answers and guidance and to raise his staff and have faith that something was going to happen?

 All throughout history there are people who have made a difference simply by taking these two friends Faith and Courage by the hand and deciding to go forward despite the odds, the obstacles and the naysayers in their way.  Thank goodness!!

 Even in our current times you see visionary’s like Steve Jobs who said, “I want to put a ding in the universe.”  I would say that Steve Jobs put a big ding in the universe and he did it using faith and courage, then gaining the knowledge, the people, the incredible insight he needed

 So the next time you are in a situation and don’t know what to say, and find yourself saying, “you just have to have faith,”  stop, think and change that just a bit.  Don’t forget Faith’s best friend.  It’s okay, Friend, things will get better.  You just need to have faith and courage that the sun will shine again.  Reset your goals and visions for the future and take off in the direction you want to go.  You can do it!

Cherry Coley  ©