Begin With the End In Mind

startHave you ever struggled trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B?  One good way to figure out how to set priorities and goals is to visualize where you want to go, see yourself there, then start thinking of what you can do to get to the place you want to be. 

What about life?  Don’t you hate it when your employer asks you that dreaded question, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  How about looking even further into the future? Where do you see yourself in 20 years? What about when you retire?

If you really want to have something serious to think about, what would you want people to say about you in your eulogy? If you can visualize your friends, family, co-workers and the people at your church or the charity you work with getting up to share a few words about your life.  What sort of things would they say?  What do you want them to say?

It makes you stop and think doesn’t it?  It did me.  It’s made me realize where I’ve fallen short, the mistakes I’ve made and all the work I still need to do.  It’s made me realize I need to invest a lot more time in the people I care about and appreciate. 

Life is short, time is precious and there’s no time like the present to get started.  Start with the end in mind and put your heart and soul into where you want to be, the influence you’d like to have and the legacy you’d like to leave. You will leave a legacy, the great thing is you have a choice what that legacy will be. 

Cherry Coley (c)


Happy New Year, New Start, New Outlook!

IMG_0100Ahead there is a new path, do not be afraid, you have not passed this way before.

It is finally here, 2013, a new year holding unlimited promise for a bright future. 

I can’t say that I was sad to see 2012 go away as it was a challenging, hard and often depressing year. 

The holidays proved to be one of the hardest times I have ever lived through, the grief was hard to keep in check and some days I simply could not do it.

So on New Years Eve I made a promise to myself that I would again do the burning bowl ritual.

I wrote all my excuses, grievances, fears and regrets on pieces of paper and offered them up with much thought, a prayer and burned release at midnight.

One by one I let go of all that was holding me back, keeping me down and blinding my sight for the future.  I am free.  The ashes of what once was are gone, scattered in the wind.  I am thankful.  I am at peace where I am, with who I am and with my past.  I am ready to move forward, to embrace the future whole heartedly. 

What are your goals?  Have you made New Years resolutions?  Have you created a calendar, set deadlines to meet along the way?

This year I decided resolutions are not enough.  This year I made commitments to myself instead.  I will eat healthier. I will exercise regularly and take my health seriously.  I will take more calculated risks. I will be involved in community and charity work. I will make a difference. I will take an active part in life and not just exist, but live, really live.

Whatever you resolved to do, or change this year, take a moment to reflect, to plan, to decide, to set goals, and celebrate when you reach those goals, find ways to hold yourself accountable, or find a partner so you can encourage and hold each other accountable along the way. 

Life is more than just struggling to make ends meet.  It’s more than going to work and coming home at the end of the day.  Life is more than routines and schedules.  Laugh, play, strive, struggle, encourage, have faith, love, and reach out to help others along the way.  Live.  Happy 2013, may this new year bring you more joy than you’ve ever known.

Cherry Coley (c)




Living in the Present Moment

“Time is nothing more than a series of present moments.” – Dr. Dwayne Dyer

 I’ve been lost in the moment several times lately, it’s seems funny to say that, but it’s so true.  I was watching a bird as it was looking for a meal, hopping along in the grass under the trees.  Chances are that bird wasn’t thinking about cleaning the nest, what it would eat for dinner later that night, where it would sleep, what to do in the case of a storm, or where it would fly next.  That bird was living in the moment, carefully inspecting what was in front of it, finding a tidbit of something, tasting and enjoying every morsel it could find as it found it.  All the while it was also noticing the wind, feeling the earth under its feet and listening to its surroundings. 

 I realized that in that moment that bird was living life to its fullest potential far more than I do at most moments throughout the day.  What a humbling thought and an eye-opening one. 

 Animals don’t worry about things moment to moment or where their next meal will come from unless we put them in a cage and they become dependent on us.  Even then they are simply trusting that what they need will be there when they need it and they are still living in the moment. 

 So, how is it that we allow ourselves to get so consumed with time, not wasting it, spending it wisely, scheduling it, saving it, and why do we think we have any type of control of it what so ever?  We don’t.  All we ever have is NOW.  That’s it.  There is only the present time.  We contemplate the future – in the present.  We remember or cry over the past – in the present.  All we have is the present time.

 I’ve heard the saying, “Live in the Now,” over and over from so many directions for years, but I guess I never let it really sink in or thought about it enough to really grasp that now is all there really is.

 Your time is now.  If you use time fretting over all the things you have to do, planning something you want to do, thinking of something you should have done, you are STILL using it.  How much fuller would life be, how much more enjoyable, more extraordinary if we just stop and focus on the now?  Even the mundane things in life become enjoyable

 How many moments have slipped by as we were focusing on other things?  All we have is now.  Sure we have to arrange our time as human beings in our busy world, but how much sweeter would life be if we arrange to invest our time in things we want to do, then stop, quiet the mind, and focus on experiencing everything in that moment? 

 Cherry Coley ©

Be Present!

“Be present in this moment.  Live your life, every little part of it in the present moment and only in the present.  All we have is the present, the past is behind us and fading fast, the future is not set, live life and be where you are right now.  Be aware of what’s going on around you and realize that there are defining moments each day.”

Cherry Coley (c)