Sunsets and Inspiration

Don’t look back on happier days or dream of how happy you will be in the future.  The only thing we have is the present; don’t cheat yourself out of the moments in front of you today.

Isn’t it interesting that so often what is reported are current events full of war, trials, and just bad news in general.  In order to find the “happy” vibes we tend to turn to fiction, motivational or inspirational speakers. 

 Yet there are so many good things happening every day, it’s just that sometimes we get so busy that we miss them, or forget to pause long enough to really take notice of what is happening.  I have been guilty of this myself at times, then realize it and make myself slow down and get my life back in balance.

Take a moment to pause, breathe, listen to what is going on around you, get outside and enjoy the sunshine, watch the sunset if you get the chance.  Each sunset is different from the one before it, when was the last time you sat and just watched the sky change those beautiful colors at the end of the day?

It’s God’s gift, the dawn and the sunset, one is a promise of coming light, and the other is a promise of silence and rest. 

 Cherry Coley (c)