The First Day of the Week


Today is Sunday, the beginning of the week.  How do you spend your Sunday’s?

When I was growing up we still had the “Blue Law” in Texas, meaning most places were closed on Sunday’s.  I remember working at the bookstore when they did away with the “Blue Law” and everyone saying that it was a mistake to do away with it, it wouldn’t last because people liked having their Sunday’s off.  Guess what? People like convenience more.  What was gained by doing away with the “Blue Law?”  Not a lot, it did make it where you could go to the mall on Saturday or Sunday, but as far as the retailers went it meant sales on Saturday were split between Saturday and Sunday.  It also meant the managers had to find people to work on Sunday and pay an extra day’s wages with no significant increase in revenue.

How many times do we do something for convenience sake, find out it didn’t have the big impact we thought it would, might not even be that beneficial, but we keep doing it because we tell ourselves we “should,” it’s the way things are done now?  There have been times when I was thankful a store was open on Sunday, but very rarely.  For the most part, we spend time at home, at the park, and at church.

I remember Sunday’s as being a day to go to church, spend time with family and friends, eat a big meal then go home and take a nap.  It was also a day to prepare for the week.  Saturday we caught up on yard and house work, laundry, and clean up.  Sunday we laid out clothes and planned for the week.  I even remember mom working out menus for meals so we knew what we were going to eat each day.

Now days Sunday is still a day of rest for my family.  We go to church Sunday morning, spend time with family and friends, eat a meal and sometimes even work in a nap.  I finish laundry and set my calendar for the week, fine tune the “to do” lists to make the most of the coming days and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks and important events aren’t overlooked.

Setting the pace for the week is important.  A day of rest, a good attitude, and a good outlook can make all the difference in how your week goes.  Time is too precious to waste.  It only takes a moment to get things in order and make a difference.  When you take the time to plan ahead things tend to flow better and be less stressful, and isn’t it great to find ways to make things less stressful!

 Cherry Coley (c)

A Lazy Sunday Spent Thinking Too Much

It’s been a lazy Sunday.  I would love to say I did something profound, wrote something amazing or at least read something interesting, but I didn’t do any of those things.  Instead I spent the day unpacking some, cleaning some, sorting things out, resting some, and just generally moving slow. 

It’s hard sorting through so much.  I have things we’ve moved from the other house that were mine and the kids and lots of stuff from my parents house ranging from furniture, both new and old, photos, books, and a great assortment of all kinds of different items from my childhood.  It’s an emotional ordeal to unpack and sort through it all, and it’s taking much longer than I thought it would.  I will be doing fine, making a lot of progress then run into a bag containing all my baby shoes and just sit and stare at them in wonder.  Still I push through and keep going on to find baby clothes my mom made, table cloths she crocheted, and some of the needle point she created. 

I have cried today.  I cried  when I looked at the fields and noticed that the blue bonnets are gone for this year.  They come, bloom and look so beautiful, people take pictures in them and we get to enjoy them for a very short while, then all at once they are gone, fading into the grass and due to be mowed and forgotten until next year.

As I was sitting and thinking about the blue bonnets a few minutes ago it occurred to me that they are a good example that nature offers us of how things flow.  After all, we all have a time to grow, bloom, shine and be our best, then we have a time where we become part of the crowd, taking our place to seed (mentor) the next generation before we are gone and they grow up to take our place and their time to bloom, bigger and brighter than those before them.

Every part of life has a cycle and though at times there is sadness, it is just a small part of the big picture.  I miss my parents, the future scares me at times and that fear is new to me making me uncomfortable.  In the end it’s all just a part of the journey.

Cherry Coley (c)