Can We Have Some Healthy Choices?

Isn’t it a shame that in this day and age it’s sometimes a challenge to eat healthier?  I can’t help but wonder how successful a restaurant that offered good, fast, healthy food would do – even in this economy.  Honestly, I would go visit them.  It’s hard sometimes to find anything remotely healthy on any of the menus of the popular restaurants.  It seems everything is super-sized, and loaded in calories.  Even some of the salad choices aren’t really healthy when you start looking at them.

 I find myself wanting to eat healthier and after looking up some of our favorite recipes realize I need to revamp and toss out a lot of them, not just for everyday meals, but for holidays too.  Sure, I love the turkey and dressing, the sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, pecan pie and so many more dishes that are popular that time of year, but are they really good for us?  No, not really and make matters worse we pile it all on the plate generously, and then go back for more later in the day, especially at Thanksgiving.  It’s the American way, right?

Well, this year I want to have good dishes – as close to traditional as possible, but more healthy.  I am not sure where to begin, but I have been scouring some of the various cookbooks and also utilizing some stellar websites like which is a great resource containing recipes from many popular magazines, for just about any occasion you can come up with.  Many of the recipes are also posted with nutritional facts and helpful hints for adding flavor, cutting calories or making them healthier.    The other website I frequent is which also emails recipes and helpful hints.  They also offer lots of information on High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Migraines, Heart Disease and Allergies. 

 I love that so many blogs are dedicated to cooking and trying new recipes.  There’s so much information available now that it can be overwhelming at times.  Still, that is why it really bothers me that there are not more healthy alternative restaurants out there, there really should be.

 Cherry Coley ©

People Watching

I occasionally work on the weekends doing demonstrations and handing out samples at Target.  I started working this job for several reasons: extra money, meeting new people, expanding my horizons by doing something different, and my favorite thing – people watching.

Today I was handing out the Lindt Lindor milk chocolate bunny samples.  They were tiny bite sized versions of the larger Easter bunnies and they were delicious!

My favorite part of this job?  Sure, I like seeing the parents hand their children the little bunnies and watching their faces light up, but more than that I LOVE giving those little bunnies out to the older people

There were three older women, probably in their mid to late 60’s that were just plain giddy when they were handed the bunnies.  One of them laughed and clapped her hands before taking the bunny.  Then they all started talking about Easters from their childhood, hunting eggs, going to church on Easter Sunday and the tricks they used to play on each other.

Yep, that’s what I enjoy, the interaction with people of all ages and just for a moment, getting a small glimpse into another life.  It makes me want to gather a whole lot of eggs and Easter bunnies and head to the nursing homes or children’s ward of the hospitals to wish them a Happy Easter.   How wonderful to have an opprotunity to share a smile with someone else for a moment.  I know it really made my day.

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