The Sunshine Award :)


I have been nominated by  for the Sunshine Award. Awww! Thank you! I love her blog, it has a little bit of all kinds of things and she encourages me and makes me smile!! 

The award has some guidelines to be followed.

1. Include the logo in a post on your blog.

2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.

3. Nominate 10-12 marvelous bloggers.

4. Let your nominees knows about their award by linking them to the Sunshine Award in their comments sections.

5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you!

10 questions for the Sunshine Award

  1. Favorite Color: Black. I love black, it goes with everything!!
  2. Favorite Animal: I have a special love for wolves.  I used to have a couple of malamutes and would love to get another one.
  3. Favorite Number: 25
  4. Favorite Drink: raspberry lemonade – just because I want to be different.
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, though I don’t like the new format.  Twitter is okay and I’m beginning to like it better.
  6. Your Passion: Art and writing of any kind
  7. Favorite Pattern: I don’t know….something that flows and is interesting. lol
  8. Giving or Receiving Gifts: Giving for sure!! I love to make gifts or find something I know someone will love then watch their face light up when they open it.
  9. Favorite Day: Saturdays
  10. Favorite Flower: I love flowers, in a garden and out in the sunshine.  I like the one’s you can stick in the ground, wish them luck then watch them come back again the next season.  ha.  Other than that I guess if I get real flowers I like carnations and roses for their fragrance and colors.

The following talented bloggers have given me non-stop encouragement and sunshine and I enjoy reading and checking out their pages:

Take a moment to say hello and share a smile with these talented people.  🙂

Fuzzy Socks and Movie Night

fuzzy socks!!

As mom’s we are usually busy doing something all the time, it just comes with the territory.  Rarely do you see a mom just doing one thing at a time, and even if she is you can bet her mind is doing some kind of mental checklist of all the other things she needs to be doing or that she has to work on next.  Somehow we are programmed to multi-task at warp speed and even feel somewhat guilty if we have moments where we aren’t doing this.

At work today another single mom was stating that she had Saturday night at home all to herself and she really enjoyed just being able to watch a movie.  Out of curiosity I asked, “but did you REALLY just sit and watch it, or did you get up and start doing stuff around the house?” She laughed and admitted she also straightened the room, did some laundry, and other things that needed to be done, BUT she listened to every word of the movie.   Before long we were all talking about how we weren’t really accustomed to sitting through a movie, it’s just something we don’t normally do, unless someone else is there and we are expected too, but when we are by ourselves or it’s just us and the kids, you can bet we are still up and doing all the other things that need to be done at the same time.

This to me explains why in a day of streaming movies, TEVO and CD’s readily available at any time, movie theatres are still in existence.  We mom’s still like to go out to the occasional movie because in a movie theatre there’s no choice; you just sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.  Unless, of course you have a toddler, then it’s family friendly movies only and time in the restroom for mom, but that’s a whole other subject. 

So the next time you are on Face Book or Twitter and you see a mom posting about having a night of peace and quiet to sit home, you can bet she’ll do something nice for herself, but she’ll also be happily listening in to a movie or cranking up her favorite tunes and catching up on all the other little things that need to be done around the house, it’s just the way we are.  We do still enjoy the alone time now and then though. 

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