Wake Up and Smell The Coffee!

         Today I am thankful for coffee

For the longest time I didn’t drink coffee because it didn’t taste the way it smelled.  It was always so disappointing to smell something so wonderful, then take a sip and it was nowhere near what was anticipated.  Now however, there are all these wonderful flavored creams to choose from too. 

So now my coffee tastes really good and I can change it according to whatever flavor I am in the mood for.  Now I can say I am thankful for coffee and flavored creamers. 

 Cherry Coley (c)

7 thoughts on “Wake Up and Smell The Coffee!

  1. I think about that from time to time how it would be great if coffee actually tasted the way it smelled. Every once in a while I do hit on it though!

  2. I can’t even stand the smell of coffee! I’m a died-in-the-wool tea drinker. But I’m glad you found joy in such a simple pleasure. And you can do it over and over!

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