Keep It Simple!

Simplify.  “Keep it simple” is something I tell myself quiet often and it is the way I want to live.  I realized last night that I have been feeling somewhat out of sorts because I have strayed a bit from doing two things that are vital to my well-being.  Those two things are keeping it simple, and meditation.

I look around my cluttered (still in the process of unpacking and sorting) house and realize I have been emotionally unpacking and sorting which is not a good thing to do.  I have boxes that came from my parents’ house with my mom’s china, some crystal, dishes, blankets, baby clothes and shoes, pictures galore, but going through all of that is making the whole process really slow.

My parents were the type of people that saved everything because you might need it later.  In their defense, they grew up in the Great Depression Era where most people had little or no possessions and you simply didn’t throw anything away because there might not be a way to replace it.  I get it. 

No one should ever keep everything.  I am speaking to myself as well as all those people who get emotionally attached to things.  I’ve been there, you pick up souvenirs with family, friends on an outing of some kind and it becomes your link to memories and good feelings.  You become emotionally attached.  There’s nothing wrong with souvenirs so please don’t think I’m saying that, but if you collect and collect and collect then pretty soon you are building new bookshelves to hold the nick knacks, filling up the garage, and even renting extra storage space to hold it all.

I grew up in a house with people who loved to buy treasures and keep them, now as a result, there are a LOT of treasures to go through.  One thing sorting so much “stuff” will do is make you realize, there’s really no rational reason to keep all the “stuff.”  No one needs that much stuff.  You can’t use it all, can’t look at it all, it’s taking up space, and can you really enjoy it if you suddenly find you can’t really clean up because there’s no space to put things?  Sorry we can’t have people over, the house is a mess.

Keep it simple, is what I’ve come to repeat to myself a lot lately.  If it’s not useful, hasn’t been used in X number of months (for me it’s now 3 months), and doesn’t add beauty to the home, then it needs to go.  This sounds easy doesn’t it? It’s not always easy because of emotional attachment.  Luckily we have something that will make letting go easier – photographs. 

Photos are easily accessible, can be stored in a number of different ways now including: on-line, CD’s, Flash Drives, and of course printed out.  They don’t HAVE to take up any room at all AND they can be easily shared with any number of people. 

Tonight I’m going through again and sorting the “letting go” areas of our lives.  We have a lot of old Barbie’s and Brat dolls to donate among other things.  Other children will enjoy them, and those toy chests can be used to store extra blankets or other items we use.  Yes, we might take pictures of the toys because memories are memories and photos help to remind us. 

 Cherry Coley ©


6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple!

  1. Let me tell you a brief story. My sister decided that because she lived in California and already had one house reduced to match sticks because of an earthquake, that I should be the keeper of our family’s Christmas ornaments. I kept my parents and grandparents ornaments. I stored them in an out building on my property in New Orleans. Along came Hurricane Katrina. When I finally returned home about six weeks after the storm, there was a glittery patch of mud near what was left of the outbuilding. The glitter was all that was left of those ornaments.

    My point? Be efficient. Make your own choices. It could be that nature, which only seeks stasis, will make your choices if you don’t. — Ray

  2. Thanks, Ray, good point. Christmas ornaments are one thing I do love to collect – because they are small pieces of memories to hang on a tree at a wonderful time of year. However, I have had to start the collection over a few times because of mishaps. I still collect them.

    I think in the end it’s the people in our lives that matter, not the stuff, and starting over just means there are more memories and times to be shared along the way. Thanks for sharing!! Sorry for the natural wipeouts.

  3. I like to keep things simple as well. Since I like to travel a lot, I learned to pack less. And so, I try to apply this principle to the rest of my life as well. Keeping it simple = less baggage.

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